As the famous French photographer very well summed up, photography is
an affair of the heart. That is why I devote all my energy, time and passion to it,
so as to enhance, show off and share afar the most beautiful image
of our wonderful country.
New Caledonia, through its diversity of plant and animal life,
extraordinary landscapes and its multicultural inhabitants,
never ceases to inspire and move me. So, my photographs are merely
partly opened windows on the emotions that it arouses in me.
I hope you feel the escaping draught of air.

As a freelance photographer, I've lived in New Caledonia for twelve years. I produce photographs for business communication and local institutions, for publishing houses and the press. I regularly work with publicity agents in the execution of commercial and creative photographs. Having worked in an advertising agency for ten years as an art director and photographer, I know this domain very well.

I also devote all my time and energy to compiling a New Caledonia image library for professional publishers and creatives. My photographs are also available for personal use as fine art for interior decoration.

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See you there soon!